World-Link Photo of The Day
Photo: Winter scene - at Kerry Blackwater near Kenmare, Co. Kerry Ireland ©2004 Dermot O'Connell

1 October 2005

Photo: Swans somewhere near Kinsale, Ireland ©2005 A. Murray

2 October 2005

Photo: Luas at Amiens Street, Dublin, Ireland  ©2005 K. Murphy

3 October 2005

Photo - Enfield, Co. Meath, Ireland - steak sign on left, Flattery's Pub on right ©2005 World-Link

4 October 2005

Photo:  Busses on Talbot Street, Dublin Ireland ©2005 World-Link

5 October 2005

Photo: Overturned trashcan with flowers and aluminum cans ©2005 World-Link

6 October 2005

Photo: Rowboats along a canal in Co Kerry, Ireland ©2005 Francois Schnell

7 October 2005

Photo: Distance shot of the Pigeon House ...Dublin, Ireland ©2005 World-Link

8 October 2005

Photo: Tortie and White Cat..."Steppin Out" © World-Link 2005

9 October 2005

Photo: Crumbling porch foundation on old southern mansion house ©2005 World-Link

10 October 2005

Photo:  Mural on the outside wall of "The Coffee Bistro"  ©2005 World-Link

11 October 2005

Photo: "Unique Waterfront Property for Sale" Kinsale, Co. Cork Ireland ©2005 A. Murray

12 October 2005

Photo: Dilute Calico cat under a bush ©2005 World-Link

13 October 2005

Photo:  Crookhaven, West Cork, Ireland ©2005 R.S. Stafford

14 October 2005

Photo:  Glengesh Pass near Ardara, Co. Donegal,  Ireland ©2005 Gerard Lovett

15 October 2005

Photo: Don't Mess with Texas and Visualize Whirlled Peas" - Old Chevy Wagon with bumper stickers. ©2005 World-Link

16 October 2005

Photo:  Rooftop view of Barcelona, Spain ©©2005 Rusell J. Smith

17 October 2005

Photo:  Teelin Pier with Slieve League Mountain in the Distance ©2005 Gerard Lovett

18 October 2005

Photo:  Old Entrance to the Zoo at Phoenix Park, Dublin Ireland ©2005 K. Murphy

19 October 2005

Photo: Full moon rising between cedar trees, cemetary ©2005 World-Link

20 October 2005

Photo: The Bandstand at Phoenix Park, Dublin, Ireland ©2005 World-Link

21 October 2005

Photo: Statue of Molly Malone on Grafton Street, Dublin, Ireland ©2004 Mick Luckett

22 October 2005

Photo:  Who's afraid of the big bad witch? Cloth sculpture witch hanging on porch for Halloween ©2005 World-Link

23 October 2005

Photo: Servants/Slave quarters behind old Southern mansion house ©2005 World-Link

24 October 2005

Photo:  Ms Pumpkin Head..Halloween decoration ©2005 World-Link

25 October 2005

Photo:  Assorted Gourds for sale ©2005 World-Link

26 October 2005

Photo:  Hi Fi Feeds, Feed n'Seed, rural south, USA ©2005 World-Link

27 October 2005

Photo:  Old Ballymun and New Ballymun, Dublin, Ireland ©2005 World-Link

28 October 2005

Photo: Talkin Tarn, Cumbria, UK ©© Creative Commons Attrubution License 2005 Andrew Pescod

29 October 2005

Photo: Delicate Arch, Arches National Park, Moab Utah, USA © 2005 Rick Slaven

30 October 2005

Photo: Pumpkins and yard art sculpture on Porch ©2005 World-Link

31 October 2005



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