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- Photo of The Day -

If you'd like to submit a photo for consideration as World-Link's Photo of the Day, please read the following guidelines -

What we're looking for:

  • Photos of places around Ireland and around the world (any "World-Linked" location)
  • Photos should be scenic in nature... Personal photos/and portrait-type pictures (ie. family, friends, close-ups of children) will not be accepted. Adult content or photos not suitable for family viewing will not be considered.
  • Photos must be your original work and not published elsewhere on the net (exception a personal homepage).
  • Multiple submissions are welcome, but we do reserve the right to limit how many photos from one person are featured.


  • Photos must be in digital format (jpg preferred, but we can convert to jpg from just about any format) and 640 x 440 or larger in size, resolution 72 x 72 or higher.
  • Digital camera photos and scanned photos and are recommended, but you're welcome to submit photos from mobile phones/pdas if they produce images that are high in quality. Freeze frames from videos are also acceptable.

How to submit:

  • You may submit one or several photos at a time. Dial-up users might prefer to limit their sends to one or two per email.
  • Send your photos as email attachments to: with "Photo of the Day" as the subject line.
  • Tell us how you'd like to be identified if your photo is chosen - ie. full name, an alias, initials or if you'd prefer to remain anonymous. If you'd like an email address to appear, let us know that as well (we won't share your email address unless you specifically ask us to).
  • Please include a brief description of your photo(s) including location/subject, date and time, and the country/city where you live.

What happens next?

  • Keep an eye on the POD page to see if your photo has been chosen to be a POD.
  • The POD will be featured on World-Link's homesite as well as the offline photo for World-Link's Roaming webcam (cam 5).
  • Photos will remain online for [aprox] 24 hours, and will later be available for permanent browsing in the POD gallery.

Need a good photo processing program?

  • For PC's, try Google's Picasa (included in the Google Pack): (note: visitors who see a firefox/google toolbar link instead of the Google Pack link --please try this link instead: Picasa)
  • For Macs - Lemkesoft's Graphic Converter is one of the best shareware programs available.

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