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Links and Resources


  • ComReg - The Commission for Communications Regulation - group responsible for the regulation of the communications sector in Ireland.
  • RegTel - Regulator for premium rates telecommunications in Ireland.
  • Telecommunications Users Group - organisation that represents Irish telephone users rights.

Telecommunications History and Lore

  • Antique Telephone History Web Site - tons of information for phone collectors and phone history buffs. Includes science projects for children, photos of antique phones, wiring diagrams and lots of phone trivia.
  • Light Straw ATE - an amazingly detailed online recreation of a UK phone exchange.
  • Bell System Memorial - an online tribute to the US telecommunications giant, Bell Telephone.
  • Telephone Collectors International - group of telephone collectors who are trying to preserve the history of the telecomms industry through collecting of phones and sharing of information.

The Boss's Faves

  • The Jivenaires - the history of Boyle showband the Jivenaires/Mystics and other bands from the Irish Showband Era.
  • Ireland's Music - website promoting music and musicians from Co. Westmeath.
  • Ollie Kennedy - official homepage for Westmeath singer/songwriter Ollie Kennedy.
  • A Blow for Peace - homepage for Dave Hyne's CD series, A Blow For Peace featuring spiritual and inspirational tunes and recitations
  • Vinnybakermusic - Session guitarist, studio proprietor (VeeBee Studios, Mullingar) and guitar teacher, Vinny Baker's homepage.
  • Real Boyle - official unofficial homepage for the town of Boyle, co. Roscommon - beautifully illustrated with stunning photographs and frequently updated with pertinent local information.

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