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How World-Link's Calling Card/Prepay Service Works

Using the 'World-Link' service couldn't be simpler - Once you have a calling card account with us, you can avail of the savings we offer from any touch-tone phone within Ireland.

The mechanism is quite simple: Instead of dialling the international code immediately, you dial our switch (located in Dublin). Our switch asks for your PIN code, informs you of your current balance, and then prompts you for the international number you wish to dial. Your call is then connected as normal.

Did you know?

We'll credit your account with €3.20 of FREE calls when you introduce your friends and family!*

Detailed Instructions:

1. Dial 1800 992 889 (Call-back), 1 800 920 92 or (01) 817 1800 to access the 'World-Link' Dublin exchange. Please check for the access numbers from UK, US, Spain, France, and Italy.

2. If using Call-back - dial 1 800 992 889 and wait 12 seconds. You will be called back.

3. At the prompt, enter your PIN code (your PIN code is on the reverse side of your calling card).

4. At the dial-tone call your international number as normal i.e. 00 + country code + area code + number. Substitute 011 for 00 when calling from the US.

5. To make a continuation call, press ## and wait for the dial-tone again.  

* Not valid with any other special offer

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