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How To Use World-Link VoIP to make calls:

You've downloaded and installed Firefly (or an equivalent softphone) and you're ready to make your first call - here's what you need to do:

1. Load the softphone.

2. Dial in the normal way, but use the full area code (prefix) for all parts of Ireland, e.g. for Dublin 8552560 dial 01 8552560

3.  Click on "Call."

4. To finish a call, click on "Hang Up."

5. Bear in mind when calling Ireland from any part of the world that you don’t need the +353 as our switch is in Ireland.

6. When calling the UK, dial 0044; when calling the USA, dial 001, etc.

Should you wish to protect your World-Link VoIP account from other users, you have the option of using the word “guest” as the Username (see set-up instructions). The procedure for making calls is different then and requires the entry of your full Account number +PIN as follows:

Press 9 on the phone and then press call.

Enter your PIN (Account No + PIN) when  prompted. It may be easier to use the computer keyboard for this. When you get dialtone, dial the required number as if dialling from Dublin (Ireland ).


Dublin 8552560 dial 018552560

UK dial 0044 etc.

You may use your account from any part of the world provided you are using broadband. It is important, though, to realise that your dialling of the destination number should take into account that the World-Link exchange is in Dublin, Ireland. So when calling a US  number from the US, you must dial 001 as the access country code. And if calling an Irish number from the US using World-Link VoIP, you simply call the STD code and number, ie for Dublin 8552560, you call 01 8552560.

When calling another World-Link customer, just dial the extension number. Where Firefly is not being used by the calling party you may have to use:

If you experience any difficulties please email

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