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VoIP - Rates and Sign-Up

World-Link VoIP service is available world-wide to those who have a broadband connection. The rates quoted refer to calls made both within Ireland and from any other part of the world.

Our Rate
Ireland - Local
Ireland - National
Ireland - Vodafone/O2
Ireland - Mobile/Meteor

*Based on Eircom Peak rates 01/04/2005
Rates quoted include VAT

For rates to other destinations - check out our rate sheet (pdf format)

Sign-Up -- Free Trial/Introductory Offer

We want you to be absolutely sure you are happy with World-Link VoIP before you sign up. So, for a limited period we are offering you free credit of €3 Euro to start your account off with – absolutely without obligation, and the account will remain open for 1 week from the time of the first call.

If you have already got a softphone loaded or an ATA you can trial our service straight away.

All you need to do is to email us at,  contact us via VoIP at,  or on +353 1 8552560 and we will set up the account for you. 

We hope that you will be pleased with our VoIP service.* Just top-up your account with a minimum of €5 Euro (via PayPal) or €10 Euro (via credit card) before the end of the trial to let us know that you wish to continue using World-Link VoIP. If, however, you do not wish to continue -- do nothing and your account will automatically expire at the end of the week trial.

Service is available from any part of the world where you are connected to broadband.

*Important note: Please bear in mind that quality of service, to a large extent, depends on the quality of your broadband connection.

For further details please call one of our customer service staff at 01-8552560 or Email your query.

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Prepay & save! Compare our prepaid international long distance calling rates to the competition.

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Home phone and business customers - consider us when you're shopping around for your CPS provider. We've got biz rates and residential rates that'll make you smile!

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If you have broadband, you can have VoIP.

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Visit us at 79a Talbot Street (the Blue Building on the Corner) to start saving on calls today! Save even more when you use our Call-Shop to make your calls - See our current specials.

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Drop by Surf Centre One - at 79a Talbot Street, Dublin for hi speed internet access.

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We provide fast, reliable, affordable wireless net access in the Talbot-Gardiner St. vicinity.

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